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Car Park Access Control Systems

There are many access solutions you can avail your business premises, property and family, keeping them safe and secure.A� Of course, you have to opt for the right ones a�� those that fit your own specific requirements. By the way, if you’ve got a car, you’d better read.A� The needs of one client may differ from those of another. An access solution geared for a small private residence will have different specifications compa red to those made for a large business conglomerate housed in one compound.A� You have to ensure that you choose a security company which is not simply out to make a quick buck but one serious in their efforts to provide effectives tailor-fit for the needs of their clients.

Commercial buildings, offices, and commercially-run parking areas are particularly in need of access control systems.A� These areas usually encounter heavy people-traffic.A� A lot of people come and go. These places are highly prone to being entered by people out to doharm.

For these reasons, you need to have systems put in place that can discourage or thwart such efforts. Access has to be restricted to those who are authorized entry into these areas.

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  • Car park access control systems are essential. A perimeter wall or a perimeter fence usually defines a property. You will have to enhance security of the area by employing an automated gate solution, augmented by access control.

    Choose a security system solutions provider which can manufacture a gate based on your design specifications. You can choose to have one made of wood or metal.

    You need to further secure your car park by securing all entry and exit points. You have to have access control systems for vehicles and pedestrians. This is especially true for buildings where there are many tenants. For your security, as well as for those of the people working for you, you have to confine access only to authorized individuals.A� If necessary, you may also have to identify the specific hours (usually well-defined business hours) for access.

    You can grant access only to your personnel. This is by way of issuing unique cards or tags (registered to particular people only) which authorized members of your staff will have to present to a reader so that they are allowed entry.

    There are also car park access control systems which provide automatic number-plate recognition, supported by access control. Employees need to register the license plates of their vehicles so that the system can recognize them and grant access to the car park.

    If your type of business requires additional security, there is broad spectrum of other solutions you can have installed like surveillance cameras, entry-phones, CCTVs, panic-holdup-distress buttons, and various intruder- alarm systems.

    Car park access control systems allow you to be informed immediately in case of incidents like personal harm or burglary.A� They also deter, record, and report nasty and spiteful damage like graffiti, as well as unsuitable hostile and violent behaviour demonstrated within the premises.

    How do you look for the right security company to provide your car park access control systems?

    Look for one with a record for quality customer service.A� These companies usually increase their business by way of satisfied clients recommending them to new clients.

    Look for indications of honesty and pride in providing excellent service.A� Diligence in providing after-sales service is important because the access solutions may require professional maintenance every now and then.

    An excellent car park access control systems provider stays on top of the game by keeping track of new technology.A� Their people are also regularly sent for training to upgrade their skills and improve their knowledge and expertise.

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